Pixel Cove are Cycling 976 Miles for Charity

Why might you ask?

A few months ago, The Bridge (East Midlands) did a presentation at BNI Tigers, where Pixel Cove are members. During this presentation the slide (shown above) was displayed. 976 represents the number of homeless people who died in the UK in 2020. When we saw this number we knew we could not ignore it.

For a few weeks we racked our brains about what we could do to try and help to bring this number down in anyway.

Back in April 2022 we had blown the cobwebs from our ageing mountain bikes and decided to go for a ride. When the soreness of numerous body parts had gone (about a week later) we decided to do it again, clocking up what we thought was an amazing 10km.

So this got us thinking….Why don’t we do a charity bike ride….So we approached Magdalena Korytkowska of The Bridge and thus 976 Miles For The Bridge was born.

Pixel Cove are Paul Lewin and Lisa Sharp and to put things into perspective about how challenging this is going to be, we have both just turned 50 years of age. We only purchased proper road bikes back in October and the furthest we have ridden to date is 70km (43.5 Miles). We needed a rest for two weeks after this.

Come 11th September 2023 will need to cycle in the region of 100 miles each day for 10 days.

This is where the story begins. We hope you will follow us and we hope you enjoy the journey.






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976 Miles for The Bridge

Our Charity Bike Ride

To find our more about why we’re cycling 976 miles for The Bridge (East Midlands) or how you can help us achieve our goal please get in touch. 

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