A Photographers Catch 22

Pixel Cove Food Photography

This must be a problem that every photographer faces. You’re looking to use your skills in another area, but to win your prospective client over you need to show them your portfolio. Totally understandable, I mean, you would buy a new suit without looking at it first.

One of the goals that Pixel Cove have set for 2023 is to work with 5 new clients who need food photography. We have to be honest, this wasn’t something that had been on our agenda at all, however, we worked with a new client in November last year, shooting part of their menu for the re-opening of Café Ventoux in Tugby, Leicestershire, and to our surprise, we actually loved it.

Pixel Cove Food Photography

So, we find ourselves in this catch 22. We need a portfolio before we can work with new clients.

If you are a restaurant, coffee shop or even own an ice cream van and photography is something that you have been considering, we would love to hear from you. Maybe we can help each other out.

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