Aerial Photography

& Videography

A Different Perspective

Modern technology allows us to supply you with exceptional aerial photography and videography.

The use of drones gives us the opportunity to capture images from a unique perspective and this service can be used in a variety of ways.

Fully CAA Compliant

Pixel Cove are fully compliant with all Civil Aviation Authority regulations.

We hold GVC level unmanned aircraft qualifications and have been authorised with an Operations Manual by the CAA.

All jobs are fully risk assessed off site and then on site and are covered by both Public Liability Insurance and Comprehensive Flight Insurance.

Property Development

Property Development

Aerial footage of a development site is perfect for illustrating its progress without the need for expensive and time consuming site visits.

Pre programmed flight paths can be created so images are captured from the exact same position every time.

Pre Site Surveys

Aerial Survey Photography

Aerial photography and videography is ideal for capturing views of a proposed site and the surrounding areas.

Detailed images of the site are an ideal tool to strengthen any planning application.

Pre planned flight paths can be made before visiting the site, enabling sufficient measurements to be taken. These are perfect for architects who need to produce initial drawings or create 3D models.

Roof Inspections

Roof Inspections

The use of drone technology provides a safer alternative to traditional roof inspection methods and without the need for scaffolding or cherry picker hire, it is also far more cost effective.

Accurate, detailed photographs can be supplied to a roofing expert who can then advise and price any repairs for you.

Corporate Photography

& Videography

Take Your Business Higher

It may be footage of your head office or warehouse. It may be a charity or team building event you are holding. No matter how you want to promote your business, the true beauty of aerial photography and videography is guaranteed to catch the eye.

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