(aka the Office Pooch)

Banjo The Office Dog

Hey there! I’m Banjo, the Pixel Cove office pooch. Welcome to my very own page.

I have to be honest, I think if it wasn’t for me Pixel Cove wouldn’t exist. Don’t believe what you’ve read about the others. This is all down to me.

You see it’s me that got them off the sofa and showed them the great outdoors. You’d think they would get me a nice big steak to say thank you wouldn’t you.

I’m an ambitious fella so over the next few months, as well as my usual walking, sleeping, eating and sleeping (did I mention sleeping, I can’t remember) , I’m gonna try and get them to buy me a GoPro so I can have my own gallery and then start a blog.

Check back here soon to see how I’m doing.

In the meantime why don’t you check our Pooch Photography packages and get some awesome pictures of the coolest  member of your family.

Right. Sleep time. Bye for now. Banjo xxxx

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