Dog Photography

(aka Pixel Cove’s Pooch Photography Packages)

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Here at Pixel Cove we love dogs and if they are anything like our Banjo, they are your best friend and one of the most beloved members of your family.

Now you may not let your dog have their own web page, but we do think they deserve a special place on your wall, so we decided to introduce a dog photography service. Pixel Cove’s Pooch Photography Packages and Gift Vouchers.

Some Kind Words

Our Dog Photography

With our dog photography service we do not drag you into a studio, mess around with silly props and basically make your dog feel uncomfortable. We like to do things just that little bit differently.

As soon as you say walk, your dog is up, tail wagging, more or less fetching the dog lead for you. They can’t wait to get out there and have some fun.

We love to take photographs of dogs when they are out having a great time. We think you see them at their purest and you can really capture their true personalities with some amazing photographs

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Go on, Give 'em a treat

How the packages work

With our dog photography packages we will come out with you on your walkies so your dog is in familiar surroundings. Strangers with cameras can be intimidating for some dogs and we find this helps to relax them. Some are just down right posers though.

We do our level best to do every shoot with all members of the Pixel Cove team there, so that all angles are covered.

We will meet you and spend some time with you and your dog so they get used to the new company and the cameras and then you can just walk them as normal whilst we go to work. We try our hardest to capture them as naturally as possible, but we may suggest certain things during the shoot to help us get the best photographs. This is usually the time that our ample supply of treats come in handy.

Once all the treats have gone and the session is over, we will have in excess of 1500 photographs so we will head back to the studio and start sorting out the best images ready for you to look through.

Dog Photography Sample Image

The Pooch Photography Packages

We offer three packages with our Pooch Photography service. Each package can be tailored to suit you if you have any specific requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the perfect package for you.

PLEASE NOTE: These prices are based on travel to a Leicestershire postcode. We are more than happy to travel further afield if required, so please feel free to get in touch to discuss any special travel details.

The Bronze Pooch Package


Your chosen image from the session presented as a beautiful framed print plus 3 additional fully edited high resolution images of your choice supplied on a USB drive or made available for you to download.

The Silver Pooch Package


Once you have chosen your favourite photograph from the session it will be presented to you as a beautiful framed print. In addition to this you will receive 5 fully edited high resolution images of your choice that will be supplied on a USB drive or made available for you to download.

The Gold Pooch Package


You select your favourite two shots from the photo session. It’s then decision time again as we will supply one of those photographs as a framed print and one as an A4 double mounted print. It doesn’t stop there as you then get to choose another 8 photographs from the session that will be presented to you as fully edited high resolution files on a USB drive or made available for you to download.

Gift Vouchers

Now we understand that not everyone is a dog person, but we think the chances are pretty good that you know someone who is.

Our Pooch Photography Gift Vouchers are perfect for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, a leaving present or simply just to say thank you and they can be tailored to suit any needs

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