(aka Miss G)

Miss G Caricature

Hi, I’m Miss G, the youngest two legged member of Pixel Cove and my interest in photography started on an extremely long walk that Mrs W (aka my Mum) dragged me and Banjo on.

Whilst watching Mrs W taking pictures of anything and everything I suddenly thought, what the heck, I might as well join in here and so, out came my phone and away I went.

Eventually I got a bit bored using my phone, so from time to time would borrow Mrs W’s camera. This was when I realised the beauty you could capture with a camera. One click on eBay later and I had my very own.

I am currently studying art and textiles and I have always been interested in creating unique work of my own. Adding photography to this has really encouraged me to pursue a career in this field. Being asked to be part of the Pixel Cove team will hopefully give me the chance to showcase my work.

I have put together a small gallery of my favourite work and I would love it if you could find the time to have a look.

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