(aka Mr. W)

Mr W Cartoon

Hello there, thanks for clicking this far. It’s my turn to bore you now. I’m Mr W and I couldn’t be happier to be part of the Pixel Cove family.

I can’t ever remember saying to my Mum and Dad when I was younger “I want to be a photographer when I grow up”, but meeting Mrs W has certainly changed that. All I need to do now is grow up.

As you may be finding out, we are an honest bunch at Pixel Cove. I have not yet reached my full potential as a photographer, but I am working very hard indeed and every shoot is a learning experience. Improvements are definitely coming and what we have decided to do as Pixel Cove has resulted in me now living and breathing photography.

Most of my working life has been spent in the printing trade so I have always had an appreciation of visual design and took this further not long ago by becoming a web developer (shameless plug alert – if you like this website please visit Pixel Cove will hopefully now take me even further as we are all very passionate photographers

If you’re still awake please have a look at some of my work. I really hope you will see something you like.

Thank you. Mr W.

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