(aka Mrs. W)

Mrs W Caricature

Hi, Im Mrs W and I would like to welcome you to Pixel Cove and tell you a bit more about myself and how I came to be writing this.

As a full time working mum to both Miss G and Banjo and partner to Mr W, finding valuable me time has never been that easy. For me a walk in the park every day with Banjo was the only time for me to forget the pressures of the modern world and relax.

I have always had a soft spot for nature and the outdoors and I would very often find myself grabbing my phone and taking quick close up snaps of the plants and wildlife. It was only after showing one of these pictures to others and hearing their comments that I realised I actually loved photography. This I guess was my light bulb moment.

What if? How would I do it? Would I be good enough? Would I have enough time? Will others like my photos? These were just some of the questions that would not leave my head since showing that original photograph. So I decided to go for it. I enrolled on a photography course and purchased a brand new bridge camera to start me on my way, I am so happy that I made that decision.

Things have moved along so quickly since then. I soon realised that the bridge camera had its limits and before I knew it I had a serious bit of kit in the form of a brand new Canon DSLR camera. Wow! This was really happening.

My passion for nature and natural photography has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I now look at the world with a completely different view. On this journey I have found a love for macro photography which allows me to see how stunning mother nature is in the finest detail.

We now all have cameras, even Banjo is asking for one, and we go out together visiting places we have never been too before, We all absolutely love what we do.

Please check out my gallery which includes some of my favourite work, and please feel free to get in touch. I would love to hear from you with any comments.

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