The Pixel Cove Story

An untold passion for photography

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One picture. That’s all it took.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome to Photography by Pixel Cove.

We are Mrs W, Mr W, Miss G and Banjo and our story is a simple one that began with a new phone and that one picture.

We could never have imagined that this simple close up shot that was taken early one morning by Lisa (aka Mrs W) whilst out walking Banjo (aka the office pooch) would result in you reading this.

After showing the picture to Paul (aka Mr W), a conversation followed resulting in a revelation of an untold passion for Photography.

This happened in the not too distant past and things have moved along pretty swiftly since then. Photography courses have been studied, new equipment has been purchased, skills have been sharpened and passions have deepened.

So where should we take this story from such beginnings? That was the question on our lips ever since that first photograph was taken and a dream was starting to be dreamt.

There have been many paths considered for us to find a way to our promised land and one question arose along each one. How many millions of amazing photographs must have been taken only to be left just floating in the cloud?

Our promised land was a career in photography and the answer to that burning question can be found on the shores of Pixel Cove.

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